Vusikhono Training Institute

Vusikhono Training Institute started in November 2008. This company is currently based in Mbazwana, Olakeni Area. Vusikhono means raise the talent, abilities and capabiltiy of all young people of South Africa.  This came out due to the history of our education in South Africa by old regime apartheid system.

It is our vision to empower all the youth of South Africa with the relevant skills required by the employers of South African industries, with more emphasis on scarce skills and filling all gaps that may arise in our education system.

Our mission is to address all problems that are relevant in a skills development system in South Africa.

Vusikhono Training Institute is committed to keeping the following values in place:

  • Mutual Respect
  • innovation
  • Honesty
  • Proffesionalism
  • Good relationship with customers

We offer a wide selection of Educational Programs, Skills Development and Counselling.

Vusikhono Management:
Chief Executive Officer: Mr K.O MTHETHWA
Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Mrs N.E MTHETHWA